Palm Tree Shower Curtain — What Are Your Options?

palm tree shower curtain

No matter the style, decor, or color scheme, a palm tree shower curtain can transform your bath into a tropical getaway. Read on if you’re ready to whisk away to faraway lands every day in the shower.

What to Look for in a Shower Curtain With Palm Trees

When looking for the best palm tree shower curtain, consider more than its appearance. Look for fabric shower curtains made from waterproof polyester material to get the most use out of the curtain.


In the past, shower curtains were often made from PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate), but in recent years, science has shown this material to be unsafe for human use. All the shower curtains with palm tree on our list are made from safe polyester material.

Care Instructions

Another benefit to using polyester shower curtains is how easy they are to clean. Most polyester shower curtains are machine washable. Many curtains aren’t suitable for tumble dryers, but drying a polyester shower curtain is as simple as rehanging it in the shower. Always follow the care instructions for a shower curtain for best results.

Best Palm Tree Shower Curtain

On the hot pursuit of the best palm tree shower curtain, we’ve found incredible options to add to any bathroom aesthetic. If you think a palm tree shower curtain won’t work in your home, think again. We’ve found the best shower curtains with palm trees for you. Whether you are looking for a realistic beach scene, artistic flair, clean patterns, or neutral colors, we’ve got it.

ZHANZZK Palm Tree Shower Curtain

With blue skies and turquoise waters, and shadow under the tree, ZHANZZK’s palm and sea shower curtain looks so real that we can almost taste the salty breeze. The machine-washable polyester fabric adds a dimension to the already true-to-life visuals.

VividHome Sunset Beach Shower Curtain

Oh, those long, sultry summer nights when the sun fades below the horizon and the world oozes with color. Romance is the VividHome Sunset Beach Shower Curtain’s middle name, and a bold, saturated sky beyond palm tree silhouettes is its game. Enjoy easy care with this shower curtain’s quick-drying machine washable polyester construction.

AVxinyoule Beach Scene Shower Curtain

All aboard snorkeling fans; the AVxinyoule Beach Scene Shower Curtain features intertwining lovebird palms and sparkling water so clear. Dip your toes in the water and wave to the ship in the distance. This idyllic beach scene is printed digitally on machine washable polyester material.

Cheerhunting Palm Leaf Shower Curtain

For a more delicate approach to your tropical decor, the Cheerhunting Palm Leaf Shower Curtain has a splash of watercolor painted orchids and palm leaves. With white, mauve, and purple Phalaenopsis galore blended gently above a bed rain forest foliage, this dreamy shower curtain adds peaceful mystique to the bathroom. It comes with a no-fade, washable polyester fabric design.

Traveling Twins Pink Flamingo and Palm Tree Shower Curtain

Bring the fun and funky Hawaiian shirt symmetry patterning to your bath with the stylish Traveling Twins Flamingo and Palm Tree shower curtain. For a satisfyingly balanced diagonal mixing of small, crisp graphics on a solid white polyester base, this curtain’s clean design is every perfectionist’s dream.

DUISE Los Angeles Palm Trees Shower Curtain

Imagine yourself cruising down the lane in a Cadillac Convertible and travel back in time to glamorous Old Hollywood with DUISE’s silver screen bath accessory. As one of the best palm tree shower curtain options in gray-scale, this one hits the mark for vintage charm. This shower curtain is sure to inspire red-carpet-ready looks every time you get ready. Easy to clean, these DUISE shower curtains are machine washable.

Riyidecor Sunset Hawaiian Shower Curtain

Sea-foam rolling in with the gentle crash of waves upon a rose-colored beach a point of light in the distance beckons eyes to wonder at nature’s beauty. Wax poetic in the shower with the inspiring Riyidecor Sunset Hawaiian Shower Curtain. Because even if you don’t live in Maui, your mind can take you there. Riyidecor shower curtains are constructed with eco and machine-friendly polyester.

NYMB Forest Floral Shower Curtain

For more animated mornings, go with the NYMB Forest Floral Shower curtain. There is something so fresh and calm about the cartoon-like graphics on this curtain. The scene sets you up to be the hero in your tropical rainforest adventure. For your safety, we don’t recommend swinging from the curtain rod, but with anything else, go bananas. Soft polyester construction material makes for easy washing.

Ambesonne Palm Tree Shower Curtain

For palm trees that add ethereal impressions in toy camera quality, the exquisite Ambesonne retro shower curtain is the way to go. The gallery-worthy imagery on this shower curtain is so impressive that you might bring visitors to the bathroom for private showings. Don’t worry, you won’t need to hang an artwork label on the wall, but this shower curtain is made from durable, washing machine-friendly polyester.

Ezlif Palm Trees Floral Shower Curtain

If you like Piña coladas, and we know you do, Ezlif’s shower curtain with pineapple, hibiscus, and palm trees might speak to you most. The all-over print has a wave composition that mimics the movements of the sea. Bright hues with high-definition acrylic paint illustrations on a cool light taupe background could add the perfect amount of color-pop to your otherwise neutral design scheme. Cleaning is a breeze with machine ready, no-dry polyester construction fabric.

BTTY Oil Painting Tour Bus on Sandbeach With Palm Trees Shower Curtain

For adventures only achievable in California of the 1960s, the BTTY oil painting shower curtain delivers. The vintage VW bus parked along a palm tree-lined beach evokes favorite tunes and favorite times with friends. Let your creativity soar with this endless summer scene. True to the time, the polyester material is free from toxic dyes and washable.

Avanti Linens Colony Palm Shower Curtain Shower Curtain

When you want a tropical scene without the chaotic colors, choose the neutral earth tones found on the Avanti Linens Palm Shower Curtain. Botanical illustrations mixed with postcards from the road bring just the right amount of good-time travel nostalgia to your bathroom environment. Avanti Linens uses high-quality, machine washable polyester to construct their shower curtains.

MuaToo Hand-Painted Beaches

Line drawing lovers revel in this sassy but straightforward sketchbook-come-to-life palm tree scene by MuaToo. Expressive lines hatch out everything you’d see after sailing to a secluded cove for a picnic somewhere magical. The memory inducing image is as serene as it is breathtaking. No-PEVA polyester fabric makes this shower curtain easy to clean in the wash.

JAWO Palm Tree Decor Shower Curtain

Walk into paradise with the JAWO Palm Tree Decor shower curtain. Elegant French Doors reveal a shady spot to share frothy cocktail umbrella embellished drinks with a friend. With no skyscrapers in sight except big billowing cumulus clouds towering over the blue sky shaded sea. The polyester used in JAWO shower curtains is safe to clean in the washing machine.

DECMAY Green Leaves Shower Curtain

Prismatic pastels accentuate the DECMAY Green Leaves shower curtain making it one of the best palm tree shower curtain options for subdued tastes. Evoking 1980s board short sensibilities the shower curtain colors say: adulting, while the pattern screams: surf’s up. Clean the PEVA free polyester material in the DECMAY palm shower curtain in the washer.

Ambesonne Green Tropical Exotic Palm Shower Curtain

Throw yourself into the action with the Ambesonne Green Tropical Exotic Palm shower curtain. For sweet balcony views from a luxury resort in the middle of heaven, this shower curtain is all that and more. The all-over exotic palm design is deeply saturated in shades of green for the most authentic shower curtain with palm trees yet.

BLEUM CADE Tropical Holiday House Art Print Shower Curtain

If owning a beachfront villa is your goal, BLEUM CADE has created the vision board for you. Take in the breathtaking seaside while lounging poolside of your Spanish Colonial mansion. Easy, wash-and-go care instructions are called for with this shower curtain.

AMFD Palm Leaf Shower Curtain With Bird Shower Curtain

Wondrous and whimsical watercolor brushstrokes compose the morning palms and tropical bird design of AMFD’s Palm Leaf Shower Curtain. The muted palette used in this artist’s rendering brings life to humdrum bathroom decor. The fade-resistant digital print on durable polyester makes this shower curtain attractive even after many machine washes.

LB Ocean Beach Shower Curtain

Tahitian dreams come to life with the Ocean Beach Shower Curtain by LB. Curious minds explore the sensation of dwelling in over-water bungalows overlooking the gem-rivaling sea and picture-perfect palm trees. This shower curtain’s gorgeous image is suitable for the shower of used as a wall hanging for all-day imagination-boosting. LB offers swift machine cleaning with the curtain’s polyester construction material.


With hectic schedules, we all deserve to add a little luxury to our lives. Hanging the best palm tree shower curtain to your bathroom can bring the beach to your bathroom. Even if you can’t get away to the tropics, using the best shower curtain with palm trees can serve as inspiration for plotting a long-overdue escape.