How To Clean A Shower Head With Baking Soda

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Nothing lasts forever, including appliances and the other household fixtures we rely on. With time, dishwashers might leave a film on your dishes or your washing machine might leave your clothes a little dingy. Your shower head might become blocked with minerals, reducing water pressure and making your daily shower less enjoyable. Luckily, there’s a way to fix that. Learning how to clean a shower head with baking soda is a great introduction to the benefits of baking soda for household cleaning.

What Is Baking Soda?

Getting Familiar With Baking Soda

From Salt Pans to an Orange Box

The Baking Soda Controversy

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Baking soda is renowned as an all-natural, non-toxic cleaner. However, it has a downside. As mentioned above, most of the baking soda we find in grocery stores starts out as a mined mineral. All large mining operations will alter their local environment in some way.

Even though mining does disrupt the environment, many people believe that having baking soda as a solution to the daily damage done by toxic household cleaning products makes up for it. If you’re concerned about the environmental effects of trona mining, conduct some research. Based on what you learn, decide whether replacing store-bought cleaners with a baking soda cleaning solution makes sense to you.

Does Baking Soda Really Work As A Cleaner?

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The Classic Baking Soda And Vinegar Mix

How It Works

​A Natural Cleaning Choice

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Many people prefer to clean with baking soda and vinegar because it’s nontoxic. If you wipe up the baking soda mixture thoroughly so that pets and children don’t get into it, you really have nothing to worry about. Unlike many store-bought cleansers, baking soda and vinegar don’t create harsh odors. (Some people strongly dislike the acid odor of vinegar, but it fades fast.) Best of all, the fizzing action of baking soda can be more effective than expensive store-bought cleaners.

Besides learning how to clean a shower head with baking soda, make your life easier by learning how to use baking soda and vinegar to clean many other things. For example:

Clean Drains

Clean Dishwashers

Clean Washing Machines

How To Clean A Shower Head With Baking Soda

Does It Need To Be Cleaned?

Time To Clean

Get Fizzy

Making Your Solution

Detachable Shower Heads

Undetachable Shower Heads

The Morning Reveal


Shower head with water splashing on it

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​Now that you know how to clean your shower head with baking soda, you’ll probably want to try using the baking soda and vinegar mix to clean appliances and other items around your home. Go for it! This non-toxic cleaning solution is an open secret when it comes to household cleaning. Feel free to spread the word!

Knowing how to clean a shower head with baking soda is not going to transform your life. However, if your morning shower has a little bit more water pressure and more spray, you might find yourself with an extra spring in your step. A nice strong shower is just one of the little things that can brighten our days and make life feel a touch easier.

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